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  • Flatbread Variety Sampler: Includes 3 different flavors of flatbread for variety
  • Garlic and Sesame: Two of the three flavors in the sampler pack
  • Pops Trading Company: Made by a trusted brand since 1998
  • Portion Pack: Each flatbread is 3 ounces for portion control
  • Occasion Perfect: Great for parties, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations

Details: Introducing the culinary masterpiece that revolutionized the New York socialite scene: the "Flatbread." This ingenious creation, invented by a visionary socialite, encompasses a unique and exquisite crisp bread made from the finest, all-natural ingredients. Gone are the days of serving caviar on mundane white bread triangles, as the Flatbread elevates any gastronomic experience to unprecedented heights. As the raves and accolades poured in, the brilliant mind behind Flatbread, Thelma, couldn't resist experimenting further. She fearlessly explored a multitude of delectable combinations, from melted brie on Flatbread to the classic lox and cream cheese pairing, and even ventured into the realm of cashew butter and preserves atop the crispy masterpiece. The evolution continued, leading to the invention of Flatbread with various added toppings. The journey began with the subtly nutty flavor of sesame, followed by the aromatic infusion of garlic, the piquant touch of onion, and the delightful crunch of poppy seeds. Ultimately, all the toppings coalesced into a harmonious symphony of taste and texture, forever etching their place in gustatory history. The secret behind the unrivaled quality of New York Flatbreads lies in their commitment to using only the finest, all-natural ingredients. These artisanal creations are meticulously crafted, employing a unique extrusion process that yields a thin, crispy, and flavorsome crisp bread. Remarkably, the Flatbreads retain the full spectrum of flavors from their meticulously chosen ingredients, ensuring an unparalleled gustatory experience. Moreover, New York Flatbreads possess a remarkable resilience, defying the threat of sogginess or moisture when paired with spreads and dips. This characteristic makes them the perfect accompaniment to soups, salads, gourmet salsas, and various culinary creations, whether served as appetizers during gatherings or showcased on charcuterie boards or antipasto platters.

UPC: 850045244736

EAN: 0850045244736

Item Condition: New

POPS TRADING COMPANY Since 1998 Flatbread Variety Sampler 3 Flavor Pack Everythi

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