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Our chocolately popcorn is the perfect treat to savor the holiday mo-mints. This light and airy snack will satisfy cravings without any harmful additives. We make ours with minimal processing for your maximum snackability.


Ingredients: contains coconut.

LesserEvil has high standards. Taste the difference that a never-ending commitment to improvement + fewer and better ingredients make. Pop into the wonderful world of our healthy and delicious snacks and learn more about what makes us different – from our dynamic team, to our earth-friendly mission, and our empowering gurus. We’re focused on being the best version of ourselves and contributing to a more wholesome world – beyond just snacks. It wasn’t always easy, but our mission was always clear: use the company to build our people, minimize our footprint, and delight our customers with clean, organic snacks at a great value.

LesserEvil Organic Chocolate Candy Cane Popcorn, 4.6 OZ

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