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Indulge in the rich, sweet flavor of Ines Rosales Seville Orange Sweet Olive Oil Tortas, traditional Spanish sweet olive oil crackers that are perfect for snacking or pairing with your favorite cheeses and spreads. Made with the finest all-natural ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil and genuine Seville oranges, these handcrafted tortas are a delectable treat for any occasion. Each bite offers a crispy, flaky texture and a burst of tangy citrus flavor that is sure to delight your taste buds. These sweet olive oil tortas are a delightful addition to any charcuterie board or can be enjoyed on their own as a guilt-free indulgence. Elevate your snacking experience with these authentic and delicious tortas from Ines Rosales.

Ines Rosales Seville Orange Sweet Olive Oil Tortas 1pk

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