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Introducing the De Cecco Pasta Penne Rigate #41, a classic pasta shape that is a pantry staple for every home cook. Made from high-quality durum wheat, this pasta is crafted to hold on to sauce and flavor, providing a perfect al dente texture every time. Each box contains 3 pounds of pasta, making it the ideal choice for stocking up your pantry for future meals. The ridged texture of the penne rigate allows for sauces to cling to every bite, ensuring a burst of flavor with every mouthful. Whether you're making a classic marinara or a creamy Alfredo, this De Cecco pasta will elevate your dish to a whole new level. Add this versatile and delicious pasta to your cart today and experience the difference in quality that De Cecco is known for.

De Cecco Pasta Penne Rigate # 41 Pasta 3-1lb Boxes

SKU: 024094070411
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